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Accommodation in Monfrague National Park, birding Extremadura

Our accommodation is located next to Monfragüe National Park, in Torrejón el Rubio. Casa Babel Monfragüe is a cozy rural lodging specialized in birdwatching, ecotourism and nature. It has four quiet and comfortable rooms and is situated near Monfragüe National Park, within the Monfragüe Biosphere Reserve, inside Torrejón el Rubio old town, in the heart of Extremadura.When we planned to build this house, we had in mind the house we would love to live in: simple, warm, ecological, beautiful, comfortable, open to the world, efficient, minimalist and light-filled. Casa Babel was built following sustainable and environmentally friendly architectural guidelines, which include thermal insulation, energy efficiency systems, solar wafers and natural woods that help to save energy, integrate it in the surroundings and provide warmth.


This is our dream come true, the possibility to work doing what we like the most: birds, photography and nature.


Warm and simple, Casa Babel is a cozy and open to the world place offering well-being and comfort inside the protected area of Monfrague National Park, of extraordinary and singular nature.


Here, you could relax sunbathing on our patio, having breakfast outdoors, taking a glass of good wine, reading a book from our library or resting after a long walk. The perfect place for a group of friends or a couple to spend the weekend or some days off.


From Casa Babel, we want to welcome and invite you to discover the exceptional and surprising nature that surrounds us through many diverse activities.


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