From August, once the reproduction time is over, the black storks gather together in post-wedding groups, sometimes very numerous, in ponds, wetlands and reservoirs to feed on amphibians and fishes in quiet areas, away from human presence.
Bird specie to photograph: black stork.
Other species: white stork, garza real, garceta común, garcilla bueyera, cigüeñuela, martín pescador.
Hide type: permanent. Spy-glass windows. Capacity: 2 photographers.
Recommended date: from August to mid September. Consult us.
Duration: variable, depending on bird performance, usually half day.
Price: consult us.
The price includes: hide, transportation to the spot and technical assistance.
Suggestions: it is recommended to use a lens of at least 300 mm of focal distance. Bring enough food and water for the photo shooting. Wear appropriate clothes for summer time.


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